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DeVondia R. Roseborough is not a stranger to many and if you don't know her, you will remember the day you met a woman with intriguing influence; who empowers, uplifts and makes a difference in the lives of those she cross paths. DeVondia's first book, Put it on Paper was released in 2008, based on her life before HIV and after AIDS. She trust and believes God healed her from the disease and delivered her from temptations of the flesh that delayed blessing, because she will never be denied.

This Charlotte Native and single mother of two, mission is to empower African American women and girls by using her mistakes and how she got over without shame and with boldness. This 2010 Steve Harvey Hoodie Awards nominee finalist in the "Best Community Leader"  category is back with Changed Woman...Unchained releasing Summer of 2014. Changed Woman...Unchained takes you in her life 10 years after AIDS expressing the effects of dating, family, career and everything else in between. DeVondia uses her own life experiences to increase awareness on why its important to wait your turn.

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On December 9, 2003, DeVondia Roseborough received a devastating diagnosis-HIV positive. Instead of allowing this news to cripple her, Roseborough took control of her like. In 2008, she decided to Put It On Paper. This memoir was a no holds barred approach to tackling a health issue that continues to ravish the African American community and women of color.

Ten years later, Roseborough is still a woman on a mission. Changed Woman...Unchained, the sequel, is a thought-provoking, socially conscious work that takes you into her life after AIDS. She discusses her dating challenges, family and friendships, faith and the rejuvenation of her mind. Through her story, you will learn to free yourself from bondage and walk in your power.  



"You have a very unique style of writing"  my 8th grade journalism teacher said to me as she sparked my interest in writing for the school's newspaper. Writing feels good to me, freeing with an opportunity to be who I truly am through the life I live."

                                                                   DeVondia Roseborough

My Last First Kiss



Baptized N' Warm Milk based on Temptations of the Flesh


     "Blessings come in many forms-but not in tainted flesh."

You have to be careful who you resist or fall prey to in the midst of battling temptations. Blessed with beauty, brains and all a woman could ask and hope for...except "A Man of Substance."

My Last First Kiss introduces the voluptuous Regina BoRose, writer and business woman with break taking beauty who's at war within her own skin. As secrets unfold and desires escalate between the sheets, Regina discovers being Baptized N' Warm Milk while in the only "TRUE" relationship that matters.

Baptized N' Warm Milk is based on Temptations of the Flesh a mini collection.


Put It On Paper


Put It On Paper is the debut memoirs by DeVondia R. Roseborough, released in 2008. This self-published project was written to inform, educate and help start a healing for those that are desperately seeking a way out from abuse, relationship woes, low self-esteem and lack of self-worth. All known to well by DeVondia in her former life.

Check out why she decided it was time to give God a chance and watch what miracles so great transpired in this easy read based on her life before HIV and after AIDS. 


 "It took me 3 days to read your was sooo me...thanks for sharing your story...I am on a journey..but still have some things i need to fix...u just told me how to do it...thank you for BLESSING ME" W. M.

            "Ms. Rose I am slowly getting through this book, not because it's boring, but because I don't want to get to the end. I love your IN YOUR FACE HONESTY. Page seventy three sent my mind racing for reasons that are self explanatory. This book should be in all middle schools, this message needs to get out. I think about what I've read and I shake my head and say to myself, gosh! You are bold, God chose the right one for the task!!" G. B.

 "Ms. Rose I have finished reading My Last First Kiss, and as I read the Epilogue, I am convicted on so many levels. God is not forceful, but don't dare think that HE is not intercepting our blessings while we continue to flirt with temptations. I can say " this book is not long enough", but still I got "the message". What do you have for me that will hold me until the next book comes out? Thank you Ms. Rose for making it plain, for reaching the Ladies where it hurts the most, and where we feel most our Spirit. God Bless You as you go forward, for you are an example of Gods Goodness!! (missing Regina already)" G. B.

 "It took me 3 days to read your was sooo me...thanks for sharing your story...I am on a journey..but still have some things i need to fix...u just told me how to do it...thank you for BLESSING ME" W. M.