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The Truth Behind the Pen

                    THE LADY ON THE TOSHIBA


        I was committed to assisting women and girls long before there was a glimpse of the purpose He allowed me to see. I am not a stranger to mess up or mistakes however taking L's in my opinion are Learning experiences not loses. I specialize in creating heartfelt books in fiction form centered around the lifestyle of an extraordinary woman of God gifted and anointed for this appointed hour...Me!


Welcome to my world is a common cliche so I will not bore you with that because we have much more valued interest as women that allows us to meet in places, through people and in the pages of my books to not be related by experience and lifted up through powerful words... We are one, Let the journey begin.  

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                           Get to Know Me...

When is your birthday? October 8, 

What is your favorite color and why? RED. The blood of Jesus and love. 

What are you afraid of? Snakes

Do you have children? Yes 2 daughters, 19 and 21 and a soon to be 2 year old granddaughter.

Why do you share your story so openly?  My  ministry is to help people and I don't mind because someone is going through what led me up to contracting HIV and if I can help one I did something necessary. 

Can you cook? Can R. Kelly sing? Chile yeah I am the BEST in the kitchen. I know my way around.

Are you married? Not yet, but I have a wonderful man.





      2010 Steve Harvey Ford Hoodie Awards Finalist         DeVondia Roseborough: Best Community Leader