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Posted by DeVondia on October 23, 2010 at 7:59 PM

It comes a time when we must grow in our calling and move away from those that mean us no opportunity for advancement due to jealousy, envy or just plan immaturity. I have come to realize that friends will come and go through out this process called LIFE. Just because I am moving in a different direction does not mean that I don't love the same or care to laugh anymore. Some seems to think...(So called friends) that I am still who I was only because they haven't arrived. It's not about the material things, monetary value or expensive foods and drinks. for me its the relationship I have with God. He has opened up a new sight on how a TRUE friend is to be. How a TRUE friend is to love. How a TRUE friend is to respect you no matter what direction you take. But most importantly, when you steer to the left they are there to direct you back on your path and not influence you too fake it to you make it. I am delighted in His presence and if friends want to leave because I am not who they desire me to be. Then ole well...My friend above has my back even when earthly friend turn their backside to my face. Keep pushing, and be a friend to the end. If you are walking in different directions, you are simply bumping heads...Let that marinate on low.

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